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God Has a Great Sense of Humour While canvassing in Innisfail, Queensland, I knocked on the door of a lady who was reluctant to let me in. She finally admitted the reason was she was ashamed of the mess her house was in. Once I reassured her I really didn't mind, she let me in.

When I began to present the books to her, her face lit up. However, each book I presented she'd say, “Oh, I've got that set,” or “Yes, I've got that one.” She loved them, but had them all. When I presented the Stampley Bible, her comment was, “That is nothing. Wait till you see mine.” She pulled out the black Stampley Bible (sorry to say, not used very much). I explained that mine was a sample of the one she had, because the complete one was too heavy to carry door to door.

After showing her everything and her saying she had them all, I thanked her for her time and began to pack up. To my surprise she said, “Aren't you going to take my order?” I said, “But you said you already had them all, and your Bible is in very good condition.”

I almost fainted when she said, “I don't care. I want all of them again, and this time I will have a white Bible.”

I wrote up the order, had a prayer with her and her teenage son, and gave her a Steps to Christ and left.

I was so surprised. God has a great sense of humour and is certainly full of surprises. He must have laughed at the look of surprise on my face. I give all
the glory and honour to Him. I am enjoying the surprises that each day brings. - Cheryl Treloar, Northern Area

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